We Use the Most Comprehensive Data & Analytics Available to Calculate Admissions Probabilities

What We Do

A recent lawsuit against Harvard University for racial discrimination revealed how Harvard’s admissions department assessed applications.* A party to the lawsuit employed nationally renowned experts to analyze the data using statistical modeling techniques. Now, with access to the statistical models via the lawsuit and the guidance of its experts, Transparency in Admissions can ascertain relatively accurate probabilities of admissions.

Transparency in Admissions has extrapolated the Harvard results to Ivy League and other top-tier private universities. The approach required making educated guesses. For example, we may find that Harvard’s offers of admissions to legacy applicants differ by 4% from those of another Ivy League school. We would then adjust our model to reflect that difference. Clearly, the precision of our model is not perfect. Nonetheless, our approach makes huge strides in delivering realistic ranges of admissions probabilities relative to other predictive services.

Transparency in Admissions will continue its search for relevant, accurate admissions data of top-tier universities to improve this site’s precision.

probability of acceptance calculator

*The lawsuit claimed that Harvard’s admissions process racially discriminates against Asian applicants. Transparency in Admissions makes no claim of support for or against this position. Our organization is simply dedicated to transparency in college application processes to inform college applicants and their families.

Our model captures the information that universities use to determine admission offers.